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Alan Selkon qualified as a Panelbeater & Spray painter in 1987. The year 1988 saw him join the Selkon family paint coatings business which was aligned to the world renowned Anglo American Group (A.E.C.I). Toward the end of the 1980's, Alan's father, Theodore Selkon, linked up with the German Herberts Standox and Spies Hecker Group, who had just broken into the revolutionary two component automotive polyurethane coating market. Alan developed a passion for the technology, expanding the family business exponentially, initially with door- to-door knocking and the physical hands on demonstration of the benefits of polyurethane to that of nitrocelulose and acrylics. In 1995, having only a N3 in mechanical engineering Alan opens Auto booth, in which he self designs & develops a world first, under floor open air extraction unit, designed to extract all the harmful isosynides and solvents that are present in the application of polyurethanes. This later becoming a mandatory prerequisite with all motor manufacturer approval programs as well as state legislation. Auto booth continued to expand. Alan Selkon takes over failing Amlac In 1999, Selkon was approach by Tony Woods, the Plascon Automotive M.D. of the mighty coating group, to take over Amlac - their single largest national supplier of their automotive coatings division who at the time, was on the brink of bankrupcy. At the young age of twenty nine, Alan acquired the fallen company from Plascon, closed it down as a trading company and incorporated it into Intercity Paint. Within six months the company was trading well into the positive. Three years later Intercity became the world record holder of a single brand dominance of market share estimated at 75%. Alan Selkon introduces motor manufacturer approvals During the same period, Alan approached Basil Bssson, Volkswagen & Audi Motor Manufacturing SA, to enquire as to why all collision repair facilities had the rights to work on VW & Audi vehicle ranges without the correct equipment and training processes in place. Basil Basson along with Alan concluded the worlds first Volkswagen & Audi Collision Repair Program. Soon thereafter, Alan approached George Neumann from Toyota Motor Manufacturing to enquire as to why they too did not have a collsion and repair program in place. Alan worked alongside George Neumann to create the Toyota Care approval program, also being a first for Toyota world wide. Not stopping there, Alan approached Niel Jackman from Automatrix, to further implement motor manufacturer approval programs, concluding a total of 14. This placing SA as the worlds first to implement such programs. Alan Selkons chemical background Alan Selkon has no chemical engineering degree, however during his time with Plascon, he worked alongside Lee Armstrong - Plascon's leading automotive paint chemist in resolving practical field application issues, that the laboratory had difficulty resolving as well as application problems in the vehicle manufacturing plants. Alans knowledge of polyurethane manufacturing and its chemical composition grew exponentially, to such a degree that he has trained thousands on both it's theoretical composition as well as its practical application. Alan Selkon is known the world over for making complex technology easily understandable to those with little to no knowledge of the product. Alan's Selkons underlying anxiety problem Despite the undeniable impact Alan Selkon has played in world coating technology, he has suffered from severe insomnia and anxiety from an early age. Between 2005 and 2010 while owning the second largest towing company in SA; C.A.R, along with several aviation companies, he fell prey to the severe dependence of tranqulisers, sleeping tablets and worst of all, the then legal schedule 10 drug, ephedrine, combined with severe alcoholism. By his own admission, he has had various run ins with the law and was by no means "a nice guy". In 2009, Alan Selkon makes world headline news, accusing him of fraud, theft, and money laudering in both New Zealand and South Africa. Selkon appeared twice in the New Zealand Auckland high court, after which the court ruled in favour of Selkon, withdrawing all charges against him. Selkon then returned to South Africa four months later to face similar alleged charges, and as with New Zealand, after one court appearance the Johannesburg Supreme court ruled in favour of Alan Selkon. Following a five year period of struggle to which almost everyone had given up hope of his recovery, Alan Selkon made a come back not only from his addictions but to one of the world's largest chemical breakthroughs ever. This brought about the birth of the Selchem Coatings.
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Alan Selkon makes a bold statement In 2010 Selkon makes a bold statement claiming, in his opinion, that the decorative paint companies were making false claims as to the guarantees offered of between 5 and 15 years. He stated that the technology could never hold the guarantees claimed and if the public only read through the fine print, they would have no claim against paint coatings failing within the specified guaranteed periods. Selkon reduces his explanation to a simple comparison between a combustion engine and that of the electric motor. As with a combustion engine, the replacement of a carburator with fuel injection does enhance performance, but at some stage you will reach the limit with what is technologically possible. The emergence of electric engines by Elon Musk, the South African founder of Tessler, is a prime example of this. Electric motor vehicles are a 1000x more economical, 400x faster and 1000x quieter. Alan makes mention that what is ironic to him, when he was a child in the early 70's this technology was already available in the form of the electric milk delivery carts, dropping the bottles at the public's front door at 5am every morning. Why did the technology stop? World economics and politics, the electric motor would simply wipe out the black gold market of petroleum. Selkon claims there is no difference in terms of the multi trillion dollar decorative coating market. Paint companies simply don't want paint coatings to be permanent. It would wipe out a huge segment of the worlds GDP. Get rid of the polyvinyl acrylates (PVA), thermo plastics acrylics (TPA) and adopt advanced polyurethane, suddenly we are in two different worlds of technology. Alan Selkon converts his parents cattle milking shed into a polyurethane testing laboratory The benefits of polyurethane were immediate, the challenge was that the product was inflexible, with adhesion to cement base porous substrates extremely difficult. Polyurethanes are hydroscopic this does not allow the technology to breathe and to allow trap moisture to evaporate. Mid 2010 sees Selkon redefine history developing the first 2k polyurethane coating made for the building and housing market. The chemical keying (bonding) of polyurethane is made possible through advanced chemical keying better known to some as etching. Flexibility is achieved through the blending of polyurethane with acrylics / enamels, breathing of the polyurethane is achieved through extended curing times. If that's not enough, the polyurethane coating acts as a primer top coat in one. The result, an extremely tough bonding polyurethane, bonding itself to almost any substrate, a product that is fully flexible, as well as being totally non fading. Selkon makes polyurethane coatings easy to understand. "Polyurethane in simple terms, is nothing more than a complex plastic. Coat ones house in plastic and no water goes in, there is no metal exposed to oxygen and water, therefore no rust. Think about going to the local store and buying a bottle of hydrochloric or sulphuric pool acid, what container is it housed in? Plastic". Polyurethane therefore totally acid resistant, making it the perfect decorative coating choice, no matter the environment. It's tough, durable, non fading and permanent. Selchem become the first coating company to do the impossible; provide the decorative industry with a lifetime warranty against damp, crackng, peeling and fading. Selchem technology does require extensive knowledge and technical know how, for obvious reasons the product may only be applied by Selchem itself or under the supervision of Selchem qualified technicians in order to guarantee its lifetime expectancy. Alan launches Selchem retails coatings (2019) Selchem have developed a product to be utilized with relative ease for the DIY market. In the case of the Selchem Retail range, the product has a limited guarantee of 25 plus years, as supervision of all retail product would serve impracticable and non profitable. The product however, if applied correctly, will uphold the lifetime warranty. Pricing As with Elon Musk, Selkon has driven this advanced technology to reach the consumer at little more than conventional coating prices. While every endeavor is made that all information depicted in this article is accurate and correct, errors may exist. Should any such error be identified please contact Selchem Holdings Group directly on 010 900 0621 or email This article may not be reproduced in part or in full without the written consent of Selchem Holdings Written by Mike Adendorff 2019
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