How it all began
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Selchem (Selkon Chemicals) opened its doors in 2010 as a paint manufacturer, specialising primarily in polyurethane coatings, today the company’s coatings are known to be world leaders in terms of technology. The company has since grown at a rapid pace. In 2010/ 2011, Selchem Coatings gave birth to Solvent Technologies, which has positioned itself securely as one of the top leading companies that specialise in solvents and reducer blending. Due to the founder members huge passion for boating, Selchem in 2012, further extended itself into the custom building of motorised medium sized luxury sports cruisers and so Silhouette Yachts came to be. In 2015, Selchem decided to expand into the retail sector, manufacturing its own exclusive Selchem brand by opening several retail outlets under the now trusted name of Selchem Paint – It. 2016 started with the opening of a small division of Selchem, servicing the collision repair industry, this division was opened due to the constant requests from the industry for guidance from the founder member of Selchem, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry and so ABMS (Auto Body Management Solutions) began. The company’s key function was to implement systems to increase the profitability in the collision industry, this was achieved by utilising various methods from consulting, auditing, BBEE, mergers, acquisitions and consolidations. The growth of this division was expediential and unexpected. 2017 has seen Selchem restructure its aviation company, Selchem Sabian Air, into its original speciality of aircraft fractionalisation, totally disassociating itself from aviation charter & private air line status. Today the company fractionalises 1/10th shares in a multitude of single and twin piston engine aircraft, single and twin-engine turbo props, helicopters and private jets. Selchem Sabian Air being the only aircraft fractionalisation company in Africa. In 2018, Selchem ABMS (Auto Body Management Solutions) further expanded its horizons, opening another division, ABMS Fleet Management Solutions. Working alongside Selchem IT, ABMS developed a fleet management program for the well renowned Bidvest Car Rental Group. The program initially operated on a trial basis, the results proving themselves almost immediate. The purpose of the operational program that was specifically designed for Bidvest Car Rental, was to improve statistical reporting information and live tracking of their vehicles through the various repair processes. Based on the enormous success of the ABMS fleet Management Solutions and Car Rental Fleet Management programs and the demand for expansion into the commercial sector, Selchem Holding Group opened separate division for truck and commercial fleets. In 2019 Africa Wide Fleet Services was unveiled. The Selchem Holding Group has secretly been working on a 5-year developmental project namely, Used Car Rental. The company’s objective was to provide the general public with affordable car rental, which is not available either locally or internationally. This has been the biggest capital investment made by the Selchem Holding Group since its inception. Used Car Rental is to operate as a franchise, having identified 100 franchisees nationally for 2019. The Selchem Holding Group CEO has made mention that Used Car Rental, while embarking on an aggressive marketing campaign, has strategized the company for long term sustainable growth.
The wedding of Mr and Mrs Selkon was said to be the wedding of the year, family and friends attending could not speak highly enough of the event. Cindy-Lee, along side her husband plays a pivotal role in the Selchem Holding Group. Mrs Selkon serves on the executive board as well as being a CEO and director of various of its companies. Alan & Cindy-Lee are extremely proud to have their daughter, Kirsten Cooper join the group, serving alongside Alan and Cindy in Used Car Rental, as both a director and board member.
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