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SELCHEM MANUFACTURING One the questions often posed, where is Selchem manufactured? Selchem Coatings shut all of its manufacturing facility's down in 2015. The company was simply expanding at such an expedential rate, keeping up with its technological advancement and product demand had simply become impossible. Selchem's founder made the decision to mimic "Apple Incorporated", developing its technology in- house and then to have its various products outsourced for manufacture both locally and abroad, under the company's various patents, licence agreements and most importantly, its trading name. Manufacturing cost? Well anyone involved in mass production know that outsourcing of manufacture cuts the costs of self manufacture by a moderate 33 percent. The rule of thumb is never to development and manufacturer the end product. Why is that? Hiend technology products are a speciality on their own requiring a specialised team of researchers, Chemists, Engineers, field technicians, the list is endless and the costs exhorbitant. Staff compliments are thus highly specialised and extremely costly. Product research and development can run into years without producing a yield of profit, requiring enormous cash reserves making it extremely risky. Manufacturing plants in most cases prefer to avoid these costs and the associated risk thereof, remaining in their field of expertise, that of exclusively manufacture. To protect Selchems technology, with our various manufacturing partners, our formulations are patent protected and produced under stringent exclusive licencing agreements. In finality, Selchem produce world leading technology developed by Selchem and manufactured by numerous leading manufacturer's. All of which producing Selchems coatings to the same high quality specifications and branding requirements that Selchem is known for.
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