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What has made Selchem stand out, was Alan Selkons realisation that you simply can't always resolve paint problems by dashing down to the hardware store, getting over the counter advise and leaving with a pint of paint, a roller and a paint brush. The big 5 paint producers offer onsite coating advice, utilising one of their catalogue produced products. Selkon claims that you cant find a permanent solution in catalogue products. In 2010, Selkon decided to breakaway from generic paint coating manufacturing and follow the lead of William Dell (Dell Computers Incorp) who decided to custom produce computers to clients specific needs, rather than the client having to restrict their software requirements around standard produced computer procesors, this made Dell computers unique and a multi- billion company in half a decade. Selkon moved Selchem coatings in exactly the same way, custom engineering coatings for each client, producing a non off the shelf catalogued product, that would make for permanent coating solutions rather than only available temporary coating solutions that require ongoing maintenance. The decision to move Selchem into client specific coating development, made the paint mega giants laugh that Selchem would amass to any form of threat. This was a grave under estimation on their part, as Selkon targeted big corporates, custom producing their paint coating needs into three major sectors.
Brick/Plaster Hotel, Casino, Estate developers
Steel Steel Structure , alloy
Flooring Automotive, Industrial, cosmetic.
Selkon however did not want Selchem to be perceived as only a large corporate coating supplier. Selchem therefore made the decision to train and place highly skilled technical personal, trained by Selchem, into the field in order to make provision for the smaller companies, farming, estates, right down to the home owner, all seeking permanent coating solutions.
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