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Alan and Cindy-Lee Selkon have spent several months in obtaining the perfect position for the Selchem Holdings Group offices based in London The new offices are prestinely positioned 15 to 30 minutes walk from London Bridge tube station. Positioned right in St. Katharine Docks, office location 1 St Katherines way, London E1W 1UN (Tower bridge) London. The couple loved the office space with panoramic views over the city, Thames, and marina. The offices are modern without compromising the historic building. The building offers their staff the chance to enjoy the balcony area, private offices that overlook all of London’s landmarks. Commuting couldn’t be easier with nearby Tower Hill and Tower Gateway stations. Cindy-lee Selkon wanted the same feel as their Sandton offices in South Africa to create a world where their staff work to make a life, not just a living. It must feel like a second home.  Alan Selkon's family  being of British descent and him being a British citizen, he has a strong bond with the country. It is expected that the couples UK main residence will be based in Edinburgh.    The Selchem Holdings Group will be specifically further expanding its operations through various acquisitions and merges between South Africa and the UK.  Selchem Holdings has spent the last 4 years focussing it's attention  primarliy on the benefits of worldwide fractionilisation versus that of sole ownership. Be that in business ownership, residential property, aviation, or boating. The Selchem Holdings Group believe that sole ownership is not cost effective, fractionalisation provides for far better capital spread by vastly reducing risks associated with single asset ownership.  The Selchem group are in the process of expanding its Used Car Rental franchise Network globally.  Mr and Mrs Selkon have initiated various business programs that have been specifically developed to aid those who have felt the economic downturn of unemployment. The programs set up in South Africa have proven successful and the couple are looking forward to introducing this into the UK.
Street docking outside london offices a big bonus view
The home of selchem london
Selchem exterior patio
Office street view
Selchem london executive office
Coffee and relacation relaxion lounge
Selchem project team lounge
Sound proof management offices.
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Staff relaxation lounge.
Selchem executive board lounge
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