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South Africa 9 Fredman drive  5 Merchant Place Sandton, JHB. 2196 United Kindom 1 St Katherines way London E1W 1UN United States of America 1411 Fourth Avenue Seattle  WA 98101 Alan Selkon, CEO of Selchem Holdings has recently announced that the Selchem Holdings Group  MORE……..  SELCHEM HOLDINGS RELOCATION Selchem to open new facility  Selchem will be opening a new facility positioned in South Main Reef Road, New Era, Springs. Springs is known to be South Africa's Industrial mecca, for the likes of Kellogs, Pilkingtons Flat Glass, Mondi Paper, Sappi, Ergo Mining Group, to name but a few.  The new Selchem facility will serve as a distribution hub for Selchem Retail coatings, along with a new project laboratory and training center. During the course of the new year, further expansion will include a blending facility.  Intercity revamping and upgrading at time of writing opening date Nov 2020       SELCHEM NEW FACILITY Selchem Coatings have just been granted the exclusve contract for the largest fertiliser company in Southern Africa.  EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT
The Westfert fertiliser dome, based in Hoopstad, Orange free state, expands a staggering fully enclosed surface area of 4 and a half rugby fields. Founder of Westfert Piet Grobler, and Selchem Founder Alan Selkon, concluded the signing of the agreement to recoat the dome on the 12 March 2020, which has fallen prey to considerable rust damage.
PERMANENT COATING BREAKTHROUGH Selkons decorative permanent coating solutions breakthrough in 1998, Sun International Carnival City. Sun Internatinal Carnival City set the benchmark for Selkon in the field of Decorative permanent coating solutions. Selkon supplied serious blended polyurethanes and polyacrythanes to complete the coating process. Selkon worked alongside Dick Botha who was assigned the project. It's 2020 and the coating is still holding its own.

Sandton - S.A

The Richest Square Mile in Africa. A well- known area in Gauteng and a main business hub, Sandton is a popular area for visitors to stay iring Johannesburg and its surrounding attractionsing across only 133.84KM (51.68 square miles), Sandton city is one of the most well known areas in Gauteng.

London - UK

St Katharine Docks is a former dock and now a mixed-used district in Central London, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and within the East End. It lies on the north bank of the River Thames, immediately downstream of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Seattle - USA

Seattle a city on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, is surrounded by water, maountains and evergreen forests, and contains thousands of acres of parkland. Washington State’s largest city, it’s home to a large tech industry, with Microsoft and Amazon headquarters in its metropolitan area. The futuristic Space Needle, a 1962 Worlds Fair legacy, is its most iconic landmark.
SELCHEM AIRCRAFT Sechem aircraft to reach more areas Selchem 2020 acquire aircraft to more effectively reachr remote areas. With Selchem expanding into agriculture reaching remote areas has proven difficult, and it was decided that air travel would help aid our efficiency
SPAR SUPERMARKET CHAIN The world's largest International super chain store The world's largest International super chain store SPAR encompassing more than 12000 stores in 40 countries with a turnover of in excess of 3 Billion Euro, are utilising Selchem Coatings full product range exclusively. The "SUPER SPAR GROUP" will shortly be opening a mega Spar in Welkom, Orange Free State, South Africa. Selchem Coatings C.E.O Alan Selkon said he has specifically enjoyed working alongside Vaselli, Super Spar Welkom, whom he believes has set the benchmark in the ultimate shopping experience. The ultra modern SPAR has everything imaginable from milkshake bars, Steak grillers, chicken rotisseries, numerous instore restaurants, its simply in a league of its own. Selchem Coatings has been pushing its market growth expedentially into the food and super chain market. In the case of Spar, Selchem Coatings project team have custom developed a range of products to provide for a permanent solution, rather than conventional paints that require on going 're-coating. Selchem are utilising 14 different polymer base technology types in order to produce a permanent coating solution for the steel frame, structures, cement walling, roofing, refrigeration rooms, bakery, restaurants and main shopping floor. "While we endeavour to ensure all facts are accurate, errors may occur if you aware of any such error please contact Selchem directly" Selchem spar project 2020 - Utalising over 14 custom formulated coatings on the various surface types at the all new Spar mega store
Utalising over 14 custom formulated coatings on the various surface types at the all new Spar mega store
FRESHBAKE - URGENT DELIVERY Sechem awarded exclusive coating contract Selchem preparing to load an urgent order for project use at the Freshbake new baking facility- Welkom Group.
Selchem retail products being released for the project team at super spar Welkom
The new Selchem coating building expanding a total floor expanse of 10 000 Sqm.
Commencement May 2020
Commencement March 2020
Commencement Feb 2020
Commencement Feb 2020
Despite having the world's best engineers, design and construct Westferts latest facility, it fell prey to severe rust. You can have the best mechanical engineers build iconic structures but if not spect by chemical coating engineers, belatend problems can leave you in a similar situation as Westfert.
Westfert the largest producer of fertiliser world wide
Project coatings, produced for Westfert
5% of the world's total GDP is lost through rust, without solution. Selchem technology, once again proving itself a world technology first leader.
Spars new colour scheme, looking magnificent
ODOR GRISLY MILLS Exclusive coating and exclusive project management contract. Selchem coatings strike exclusive coating contract Odor Grisly Mills and the silo start group( May 2020)
Super Spar - Selchem interior design at work Selchem interior projects graphics 3D graphic enhancing the Welkom mega store interior colours. The store will receive a crisp white floor coating, embossed is the emperor's logo.
Selchem overseeing new Sandton we work offices SELCHEM HOLDINGS RELOCATION Selchem Coatings launches new product 2k decorative  polyurathane  range 22/06/2020.  Selchem Coatings Launch Selchem launch aviation  Coatings. Selchem have launched their all new blended polyurathane aviation range. Trial tests being conducted 17/06/ 2020  Selchem Coatings Launch Emperors squats moving forward with Selchem  Selchem Coatings
Selchem undergoing floor coating testing Emperors  Selchem Coatings Selchem well underway with roof coating Welkom Sillostrat.  Selchem Coatings Selchem project coatings team set another world first this time in floor coatings. The latest water base poly butyrate floor coating, (as seen above in the first coat of still 5 to follow) was chemically engineered by the company founder Alan Selkon, for utilisation of what is deemed to be the world's largest Super Spar food market.  .  Another world first technology for Selchem coatings 2020/08/08
I for one (Alan Selkon, company founder ) have been taken back as to how successful the program, as evolved. The program was initiated by wife Cindy-Lee Selkon, alongside Kerry Leighwrites. - Safe haven youth center HFG Hope faith and grace foundation. A safe haven for youth who have come from horrific situations, for more information contact Kerry on +27 721770489 Selchem students commencing their practical training at the Westfert site, in Hopestad.
Selchem Apprentices
Despite Selchems main business being that of the development of world leading edge technology, coatings require good preparation in order to achieve in Selchems case a permanent end result. Selchems project teams are no new-comers to ensuring the substrate to which Selchem Coatings are applied are well prepared. Selchems Westfert proteam team headed by Diederick Gouss work day night shifts to ensure that shut down time in the Hopestad mega dome is minimised resulting in reduced down time. "Selchem projects team understand nothing can be achieved without dedication, commitment and hard work"
WESTFERT NEWS 2020/07/18
Selchem rolled out an academic, and practical academy for youth who have, come from abnormally tough backgrounds. 01/07/2020.
Selchem new aviation coating range, has raised the bar in terms of gloss, flexibility, and fading.  SELCHEM LIFTING THE MARK IN AVIATION COATINGS 2020/07/19
Selkon is of strong belief that that Selchem Coatings breakthrough in floor coating technology will replace, that of both epoxy, polyurethane and in many cases that of ceramic tiles. Spar's floor has been specifically challenging in that the concrete slabs were far from level, and worst of all poured at a thickness of only 50 mm, the slabs had not bonded to the damp course and just walking over them caused them to lift (float). Selchem tried a special bonding technique to bond the salads never done before and it worked spectacularly. Had the floor been well poured a simple two coat 3.5mm Selchem new technology water base butyrate coating would have been required. We look forward to posting the completed end result for public review. For Selchem and that of our clients, what is most interest is that of its cost per square meter to which Selchem expect to hit the market at R150.00 per square meter.
Selchem using leading edge polyester technology in the sealing of this magnificent, early 1940's classic home concrete roof. Presently 99% of roof waterproofing is done by roll on burn on bitumen . The process is extremely costly, and high in maintenance, with life expectancy of approximately 7 years.  Selchems polyester urathane roof coating waterproof technology, requires, no maintenance and bears life expectances of 25 years plus.  SELCHEM POLYESTER CEMENT ROOF SEALING IN SPRINGS GAUTENG 2020/08/30
Tel: 010 900 0705
Most of Selchem coating clients are of the opinion, we only do large corporate clients, nothing could be further from the truth this late 1o30's house has still its original corrugated roof and rafters. Selchem using a fibre mesh technology to completely 're cover the roof prior to a polycarbonate brown to own being airless applied.   No job to bid or small for Selchem.   CORRUGATED ROOFING 2020 /09/05
Roof Type: Late 30’s Fibre acrylic roof matting being applied by Selchem Projects.
Selchem Mr Price Paints, new building  undergoing a full refurbishment, as the time is drawing close to its opening         SELCHEM Mr PRICE PAINT -  2020/10/07 Selchem Mr Price Paints, new building  undergoing a full refurbishment, to be completed soon         SELCHEM Mr PRICE PAINT -  2020/10/27