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Selchem Sandton - South Africa
Cindy-Lee, wife to Alan Selkon, has been responsible for sourcing the new Selchem offices being here in Sandton, Seatle and London. She wanted some colour and a relaxed atmosphere to which these all provide. Staff spend the majority of their time at an office and a relaxed fun environment was what she was looking for. Vibrant colours have been utalised throughout all three locations. There are various wellness lounges, areas to just  recharge and reconnect before getting back to the task at hand, being work. These offices also host various relaxed lounges to have informal meetings in as well as private lounges and conference rooms. Cindy-Lee believes that your work environment should also be your secondary home. What does Alan Selkon have to say? "I've always been a grey kind of guy, but Cindy-Lee is colourful in all ways, and thats what you adore about her."
Street view
Sky view
Main reception.
CEO office under construction
CEO upper lounge
One of several refreshment centres
One of many internal lounges
Cindy-lee overseeing design
Cindy-lee with construction crew
Internal conference rooms
Selchem Directors reception
Building entrance
Selchem Holdings lobby
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