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The Selchem Holding Group open offices at 1448 NW Market Street Seattle USA. The Selchem Holding Group Driven by Founder Alan Selkon, have, made no false representation that the company was extending itself into international global markets. There has for sometime been talk of the Selchem Group opening offices in the United Kkndom , however the move was far swifter than economists predicted. There was no talk of the company further expanding into Seattle until Selkon's announcement late last week. Since Alan Selkon's Marrage to Cindy-lee,and the joining of Selkon's Daughter Kirsten to the Group there has been far more aggresive growth within the Selchem group. Selkon's daughter Kirsten Cooper, said the descion to open offices in Seattle were based on the Company's intention to expand its Used Car Rental Division. Cooper went on further to say that Selchem Holdings over the past several years, had seen a worldwide gap in fractional, ownership of varied assets, fractionalised ownership be it in company share distribution of buisiness, office space residential property, or aviation for that matter, savings in fractional shared ownership would be the way foward and the Selchem group Intended to lead the way foward. My father Alan Selkon has always driven thinking outside the box. With he's well known saying “if it's already been done before, don't touch it”. Re invention of new ideas is what we as a company stand for. Selchem is a family owned buisiness as a director to tne board and one of its airs, I intend to keep the legacy to which the company was founded.
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